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Only Magic Left is Art
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Only Magic Left is Art If you're feeling 6 feet under, the BIRTHDAY'S Schizophrenic Tribal Pop music on speed will rip you out of the ground and make you dance like a zombie out of THRILLER. Beware, the happiness infused in these songs are so concentrated you'll start to feel like a ROIDED up BANE dosing on some extra potent VENOM. Favorite track: Mating Falls.
Lee Silver
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Lee Silver I love how the songs build from Animal Collective-esque chanting to full blown dance parties. Favorite track: Mating Falls.
Hernan Armando Rojas
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Hernan Armando Rojas This album makes you want to dance plain and simple, no better feeling then that. Favorite track: Howolding Girls.
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released October 21, 2012

Recorded by Kevin Kenkel in downtown Boston.
Mastered by J Mendicino at Esthudio



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BIRTHDAYS Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Mating Falls
I've got a feeling you're into reeling. As if by saving your bodily fluids, you could recharge some sort of battery. (but you can't now)
Track Name: Biggie Shorty
Your heart rate is low, like that of a runner. From your body, I can hear the feelings you don't say.
I need you sweets.
What's the opposite of uncomfortable because now I am brand new again.
I need you sweets.
Track Name: Howolding Girls
I had a feeling you would call.. on me when I wasn't around.
I had a feeling you would fall.. on me when I was all in pieces for you.

We look young because we're healthy now.
We get our exercise from lying down.
I want to be where I want to be.
I tread so lightly, I am ghost-like, It's freaking me out.
Track Name: Root Chakra
Tell me something I don't already fucking know.
Because Lady. You're not my baby. I think that maybe I should go.

At your friend's party, I felt soo boring. Hide in the bathroom, from them and you.
Track Name: Part That Grows
Everything that happens, you are the cause.
Everything that happens, you are the cause.. I know.
But I don't want to be held down, and so..
I cut a pretty girl with five of my claws.
Cut a pretty girl with five of my claws, yeah, I know.
Life moves fast. I'm trying to make it slow.
If you see me standing outside of your window..
Just ignore til I'm still out in the snow. It goes it goes it goes.

Every single star is just like our sun.
My mom thinks every single star is just like her sun.
She don't know.
She'll never hear me on the radio.
I have no idea which way I'll ever go.
You can tell by my size that my heart's the only part that grows.
It grows. It grows It grows. I go.
Track Name: I'm Keeping Some of Mine for Me
How do you think I got you to come here?
I'm trying to tell you..
Don't go giving me all of yours because I'm keeping some of mine for me.